Perfectly Pastel Aztec Nail Art to Try

If you are loving all of the Aztec-print clothing in stores but they are attempting to find something a bit more subtle, give this pastel Aztec nail art a try. It is perfectly fitted to any breezy summer outfit.

Pastel Aztec Nail Art

Thanks towards the boho trend and music festivals, Aztec nail art is really a customizable summer favorite. You are able to mix any colors and patterns to obtain the nail look you are looking for. However this time, I wanted to combine the Aztec print with favorite color palette : pastels. To obtain a seem like mine, you will need polishes in light pink, yellow, blue, darker pink, and white ; a base coat ; a striping brush ; a nail art brush ; and also a matte topcoat.

Pastel Aztec Nail Art

1. Paint your nails having a light base color. Light pink is best if you prefer a look much like mine. I made use of Nails inc. 's Mayfair Lane.

2. Employing a striping brush, add a horizontal, baby blue stripe within your nails.

Pastel Aztec Nail Art

3. Repeat step 2 with pink.

4. Repeat in yellow. Be sure to mix in the color order to provide the design some variety.

Pastel Aztec Nail Art

5. Using a skinny nail art brush and white acrylic paint or nail polish, add details within your nails. I drew a combination of lines, shapes, and dots. Cause it to be look as random as you can.

6. Add a topcoat to seal with your design. I made use of a matte topcoat, but you should use a shiny topcoat, if you favor.


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