Octopus Summer Nail Art to Try

Everything is better down where it is wetter, even summer nail art ! This cartoony octopus nail look is just too cute to pass up. Luckily, you do not have to. Follow this tutorial to obtain the look yourself.

Octopus Summer Nail Art

Whether you survive a beach as well as the city, the ideal summer nail art is underwater-inspired. It is bright, colorful, and completely adorable. Plus, there is such a lot for inspiration : You are able to go nautical or nautilus, seashells or seahorses. This point, though, the octopus won out, and He‘s so cute! Do not worry—he's easier than You Think That. Round up a a base coat ; a light blue base color ; polishes in white, black, red, dark red, and light pink ; a skinny nail art or striping brush ; dotting tools ; and also a topcoat.

Octopus Summer Nail Art

1. Start every nail look having a protective base coat. Add a light blue base color. Then, using red nail polish, draw a circle in the middle of your respective middle fingernail.

2. Using a skinny nail art or striping brush, draw eight curved lines out coming from the circle as shown. Continue the eight legs onto your second and fourth nails, four legs on each. Flick the comb at the conclusion to obtain a nice point on each leg.

Octopus Summer Nail Art

3. Add shading employing a darker red polish. Make sure to curl the ends of each and every tentacle.

4. Utilize the tip of the nail art brush to feature light pink polka dots towards the tentacles. Do not forget the tentacles in your middle fingernail !

Octopus Summer Nail Art

5. Employing a dotting tool and white polish, add eyes to the head from the octopus.

6. Finally, add black dots towards the center from the eyes with an inferior dotting tool or perhaps a toothpick. Once that dries, add a topcoat to seal with your summer nail art.


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