Floral-and-Stripes Nail Art

Spring is simply all around the corner, which suggests so are beautiful garden flowers. This whimsical, freehand flower-and-stripes nail art is only the thing to tide me over until real flowers will be ready to bloom. I believe it turned out so cute, I simply might recreate it givenfor my bedroom walls.

Floral-and-Stripes Nail Art

It is relatively easy to obtain the look having a few tools, including a big dotting tool, a little dotting tool, and a skinny nail art brush. I made use of five polish colors : black, white, pink, red, and green.

Here is the way you do it right:

Floral-and-Stripes Nail Art

1. Before you decide to start, remove you old nail polish and push back your cuticles.

2. Paint two coats of white polish ; let nails dry for about 5 minutes.

Floral-and-Stripes Nail Art

3. Dip your thin nail art brush in black polish and paint five evenly spaced stripes over the length each nail, allowing it to dry for an additional 5 minutes.

4. Dip your large dotting tool in pink polish. Place three overlapping pink dots on a single corner of your respective nail. Find another spot in your nail and apply three more overlapping pink dots. Let dry.

Floral-and-Stripes Nail Art

5. Dip your small dotting tool in red polish. Partially outline the pink dots and either place a little red dot in the center or perhaps a line which goes coming from the middle towards the outside from the pink dots to make the petals from the flower. Let dry.

6. Clean the small dotting tool and dip it in green polish to the petals from the flowers. Put the dotting tool on the exterior from the flower and lift while dragging out to produce a small teardrop shaped flower petal. Let dry. Gently apply a transparent topcoat to guard your nail art design and add a beautiful shine

Here is a Pin-able version with the steps and also a finished image, too. Happy painting!


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